Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Modest Home

746 Brookside Drive (MLS #1010415) almost defines the phrase "modest home". While from the curb it appears tiny, inside it is spacious and comfortable. The result is very unusual; it is a home perfect for entertaining without ever being pretentious.

Descriptions of the home may lead you to doubt this; features include:
          - large updated kitchen
          - water softener and reverse-osmosis water filtration system
          - high efficiency furnace and air conditioner installed new July 2004
          - a huge living room (where 34 people have sat down to a meal, at tables, without removing other couches or chairs)
          - fire place upstairs and wood stove downstairs (easy to heat entire house without the furnace in an emergency)
          - built in drawers and shelves in the closets of two bedrooms
          - wall-to-wall IKEA wardrobe in another bedroom
          - entertainment center with 21 linear feet of DVD storage space, built to hold game systems, a media center PC, BluRay player, DVD player, VCR, Receiver, and any other electronic gadgets that suit your fancy
          - workshop
          - gazebo
          - small pond
          - 2-story play house
          - basketball court
          - vegetable garden
          - large patio for BBQs
          - small deck attached to front porch, for enjoying sunsets and evening conversations

The key to this home being so comfortable, yet still so modest, lies in the nature of these amenities; they are there for comfort and convenience, and not for show. The age of the home really disguises its internal value. This really is not a "starter home", though you might mistake it for one in this close knit neighborhood of small homes. Instead, it has been gradually improved and refined over the years until it is perfectly suited for a family in the midst of raising their children, or for grandparents who want a comfortable space in their home for all their descendants to gather as they continue to build relationships and make memories together.